Season 3 Reactions

There’s a Potato in the Heir (S3 Trailer Breakdown)

I thought that was Cheese (S3 Promo Breakdown)

Lobe Check in Cell 3 (More Promo Breakdowns)

I don’t know what I was feeling but it was a lot (3×01 Reaction)

This Simulation Sucks (3×02 Reaction)

An Extra Special Trainwreck (3×03 Reaction)

Trees, Forest, Zoie Palmer (3×04 Reaction)

Get out of the closet Calamity Jane (3×05 Reaction)

Season Bulshar, Episode Christmas (3×06 Reaction)

Waverly’s Doublesided Tape Emporium (3×07 Reaction)

Frantic Meepting (3×08 Reaction)

I have no clue how I’m gonna edit that (3×09 Reaction)

Angela Lansbury’s Clam Bake (3×11/3×12 reaction)

A spoiler filled Wynonna Earp podcast

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