The One Where We Launched Our Patreon

Hello, friends. We are here today to ask for your support.

When we came up with the idea for this podcast, we had no idea if it would work out, you know? Would anyone listen? Would we grow to hate it? Would we grow to hate each other? Would we keep going after the first episode?

Four months later, I’m happy to report the answers to those questions are yes, no, no, and yes.

We love doing There’s Something in the Heir, and it seems like a lot of you love to listen. And while we aren’t trying to earn a profit from it, we would like to not have to pay to record and publish our podcast. We’ve run into some costs, like website fees, podcast hosting, etc. So with your input, we have two ways available for you — our listeners, fans, and friends — to help us out.

One, with a one-time direct donation via PayPal, which you can do by clicking the PayPal button on our website. Maybe you heard or read something you really liked and thought, “hey, that’s worth a couple of bucks.” Or maybe you got an extra-big tip at work and wanted to share part of it with us. (You’re sweet, thank you.) Or maybe you want to keep it a casual thing with no commitment. We get it. We’ll be your Rosita, Doc.

Two, with monthly donations via PayPal (donate button in the right hand menu of this site) or our Patreon page. There are rewards available ranging from a $1 to a $20 donation, from Twitter shout-outs to bonus podcasts. I mean, that’s quality stuff, friends. We are killing it.

And, of course, these are in addition to purchasing merch from our shop. Any profits we make from this go directly back into the podcast.

Obviously, we understand that not everyone is in a position to donate, or to donate a lot. If you could help spread the word or even throw a dollar (or more) a month our way, we would be really grateful. We love talking about Wynonna Earp — and POI and Buffy and The Hundy and everything, really — and we want to keep doing it. We appreciate any help you can send our way.

Thank you for helping us keep our shit show running.

The One Where The Good Guy Dies (EP 1×03 BREAKDOWN)

MoNicMic mourns over Leavin’ On Your Mind!

Join your hosts, Monica, BP, and Michelle, for our spoiler-filled breakdown of Wynonna Earp episode 1×03 as we talk:

  • Shorty being the BEST
  • Dolls being the WORST
  • Doc being the RUDEST
  • Waverly being the SMARTEST
  • Champ being the DUMBEST
  • Nicole being the SWEETEST
  • Marty being the METH-HEAD-EST
  • Wynonna being the GOOD-EST
  • the return of the infamous shoveling sounds
  • zombies at pharmacies
  • the ever expanding Shorty’s Strip Mall
  • …and much more.

Listen Here

Download Here

WE Found Family… Yay!

MoNicMic brings you found family.

Well, this is a feels fest. We asked for your thoughts about found family in Wynonna Earp, other fiction, and real life. We read and talk about those answers and give our own too.

It’s minimally edited (bp’s choice) because we think it’s important for you to see how this affected us.

There are pauses when we need a minute. We laugh A LOT. We cry a little. It’s how we deal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen Here

Download Here

A spoiler filled Wynonna Earp podcast